Although the weather is beginning to chill for the Fall, the pro-legalization groups and Cannabis scene here in Canada seem to be heating up like a bonfire on a cold winter’s night! Have you noticed?


Cannabis related businesses are popping up everywhere and gearing up for the proposed upcoming changes to the Canadian Cannabis laws.

The industry is eagerly preparing for the next “gold rush” north of the border and this is exactly what it will be.

I have been rather quiet over here for the last few months because, quite honestly, the controversy and stupidity surrounding this poor misunderstood plant really started to bother me!

On that note, seriously…

My question is, how are the government and municipalities in Canada preparing for this, how are they planning to take action?

What will be the outcome of this wild transition for Canada? Will our government handle the legalization of Cannabis as a ‘natural’ remedy to so many of our problems, or simply as another highly taxed money grab?

Thinking back to just before the MMPR came into effect in Canada, just before the States began to legalize Cannabis use and all the bustle of legalization chatter really got loud…

I remember being so excited that Canada was finally going to have the chance to stand up for this plant that has been silently fueling our economy for decades.

I also remember my state of shock when the US was first to break ground on the legalization of Cannabis.

Why this all bothers me so much…

Think about all the time and all the money that has been spent over the last century to criminalize Cannabis and then consider what we, as a global society, may have actually learned if we had instead spent that time and money studying what this plant is really capable of…

My guess, our future would be looking a whole lot greener in every direction than we are today!

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