As the year quickly rolls to an end, Cannabis legalization in Canada remains – simply put, a mystery!

Throughout the year, this plant has continued to make news headlines across the continent… Continued to rattle the cages of politicians, law enforcement and our local government bodies. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again till the madness ends… This is all simply ludicrous!

Want to solve the problem?

Stop fighting it! Work with the plant, work with the people who know the plant! Take note from what is already being done!

Why do you choose Cannabis? via Mysterious Marijuana

Let’s be blunt!  Why do you choose cannabis?

We all have our reasons and the time has come to get vocal about it!  Let our voices be heard!

I prefer Pot for several reasons…

For one, I prefer to make use of natural substances in my life whenever possible.  Cannabis and hemp products have replaced many unhealthy chemical based products in my home and I feel healthier for it!

The way I see it, you can’t get much more natural than Pot… in most cases.  Unfortunately, I do see the natural status of Cannabis at risk as we see rise in the ‘synthetic this’ and ‘chemically laced that’ often being used to keep up with rising demand.

I also find the calming effects and attributes of cannabis at the end of a long day to be… Well, bluntly put, often necessary.  While many people may partake in a drink or two at the end of their day, I prefer Cannabis!

What effects does it have on you?

Should it matter whether this plant is being used for recreational purposes or medical use? 

Cannabis. A drug? Or A Poorly Misrepresented Plant? Why do you choose Cannabis? via Mysterious Marijuana

Should it be classified as a Drug?

Or is this ‘weed’ simply a poorly misrepresented plant?

What are your thoughts on the legalization of this plant?

Post your comments below!

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