I don’t know about you, but I think this modern age of cannabis consumer is taking this whole business of having a puff WAY to seriously!  When exactly did the potency of ‘modern day’ Cannabis become just not strong enough for you guys anyway?

Marijuana LegalizationHash, Cannabis Oil, Tinctures, I like. But, now Cannabis Liquid? What exactly is Cannabis Liquid? 

Really though, what ever happened to just rolling up a big blunt and smoking it?

Here is a quote from my mini-rant on Reddit r/Trees this afternoon…

Call me old school, but really! What ever happened to just smoking a spliff?

Seems like it’s all about “dab” this and “vape” that in today’s cannabis culture… Roll me up a big fatty and I’m am quite content. Each to their own, but it all just seems an awful lot more complicated that it really need to be!

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~ As I was slashed by a fellow Ent for not completing clarifying, Bong Hits excluded!

Curated from Merry Cannabis’s What ever happened to simply smoking a big ol’ Joint? : Reddit – r/trees