The time has arrived to legalize Cannabis in Canada. In my opinion, this is extremely long overdue!

The Criminal is not CannabisAre we truly standing at the precipice of marijuana legalization in Canada?

Is it finally going to happen? After reading reactions to the December 5th, Throne Speech, found at CTV News, this time it might really be happening!

When marijuana legalization does finally take place, what impact might this really have on the millions of tokers across the country?

Stoners aside, the positive impact this change could bring for the the sick, the terminally ill, the unemployed, the under-employed, local and small business, agriculture, industry and the general population of Canada is unimaginable. We, really, do not have a clue….

Legalize it, regulate it, restrict it (if you have to) and find a plausible way to keep it out of the hands of our children…

The time has come to set this poor plant free! Please, free the !

~ Merry

One thought on “The criminal is not #Cannabis… Like, just legalize it already!”

  1. Great share.I agree with you that marijuana is not the criminal. The impacts you mentioned in your post are useful to read. I believe that this drug must be legalized everywhere due to its healthy and recreational uses.

    Marijuana for medical use can be taken in several forms such as smoking, vaporizing and ingestion.

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