Spare the Weed, Save the Planet! Read the post, here...

Spare the Weed, save the Planet!

Weed is much more significant to our existence here on this planet than many might think.

I speak out about the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis and hemp, in part, for this reason.

In case you are wondering why I am rambling about the internet on this beautiful, beneficial plant so commonly known as Weed…

Here are a few of the reasons.

For one, I whole-heartedly believe and view the Cannabis plant as a medicine, a herb, a plant that SHOULD be legal to plant in my own facking garden!

Secondly, I believe that if more people enjoyed Cannabis in lieu of alcohol and other ‘stimulants’, our world would be a much more peaceful place!

Then, of course, there are the hundreds of thousands of individuals being held in prison systems across the globe on Weed related charges, weed!


Not only could we probably be fueling our vehicles, heating our homes, heck, even building our homes from Hemp by now if only this plant had been taken seriously instead of beckoned a ‘Devil’s Weed’!

I see it like this… Grow hemp, save the trees!  Grow hemp, feed the world!

Grow weed, heal the sick, those in pain! 

Spare the Weed, Save the Planet! Read the post, here...

Smoke a Joint… Relax!  Give us the choice to enjoy and utilize this NATURAL option!

Now, here is my little list of ways that Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana, could quite literally, save the planet, or at least greatly lengthen our shelf life here on Earth!

  1. Use hemp fiber, save trees! Use hemp paper, hemp building supplies…
  2. Hemp oil and fuel for heating, cars, cooking…
  3. The many, many medicinal uses of Cannabis!
  4. Cannabis oil for use in cancer treatments…
  5. Hemp seeds for nutritional value…
  6. Hemp skin, body and beauty products
  7. Hemp rope, cloth and clothes…
  8. Millions in NEW tax revenue for governments and municipalities…
  9. You wanna talk about “Peace on Earth”? We’ll here’s part of the solution!
  10. And, just think of how quick our atmosphere could get cleaned up and re-energized, if fields of Hemp were growing freely around the world!

Just saying… Completely my own opinion!

Seriously though, how long are we gonna skirt around all the ‘issues’ surrounding the legalization and decriminalization of Cannabis in Canada?

Another year, another five?

All I can suggest, is that our Governments start seriously considering the people, the population of this country, that rely on this medicinal choice for medication!

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