Recommended Reads

Even though almost anything that our brain would want to know about Weed can be conveniently grabbed through the keyboard of your smart phone or tablet...  Sometimes a real, PAPER book is much nicer to browse through for information.  

Whether a seasoned, long-time grower or first timer looking to learn the ins and outs of growing Cannabis, each group will at least occasionally encounter a situation when an outside source must be called upon. When problems arise in the grow room, you want to have information there and on hand. Be it pest or disease identification, to the simple setup and workings of an indoor grow room, there are a handful of books that are a must have on every grow room shelf.

Even if you not yet at the point of growing your own but are interested in learning more about the many benefits of and how to grow cannabis, the following books may be of interest and in my opinion are well worth the investment!

Please enjoy the following collection of Cannabis related books and publications.

New to growing weed? This, you gotta read!