medical cannabisAs I read the news stories about the cannabis recalls in Colorado and the discussions of pesticide misuse splashing across the streams of social media, I am ‘kinda stoned’ that anyone is surprised!

Cannabis can be quite easily grown organically!

In a recent post, entitled “Mother Nature in her Awesomeness. Organic, Outdoor Growing”, I briefly discuss the ‘commercial’ size issue of nutrient and pesticide misuse in the cultivation of Cannabis.  What do we expect?  Really!  These growers are offered products promising bigger Buds, higher yields or ‘healthier’ plants… Then come all chemical pesticides and fungicides offered to rid their grow rooms of insects and disease.

Let’s not deficit the natural, medicinal property of Medical Marijuana!

If all these chemicals and products added to the growing cycle of the cannabis plant are not properly flushed from that plant and those ‘bigger’ buds… Guess what… You, the end user are gonna be the one smokin’ or eating it!  Kinda defeats the purpose of natural medicine, doesn’t it?

Once those “bigger Buds” arrive at the end user, often a medicinal marijuana user, that guy or gal is not gonna be looking at their new bag of weed wondering if all the food and bug juice got flushed out of it!  I highly doubt it…

Cultivating your Cannabis

I am by no means trying to discount the many awesome nutrient and plant food products available today, what I am saying is that when these products are being used in the cultivation of any plant that is destined to eventually be consumed, the responsibility lies with the grower to ensure these chemicals are properly flushed from the end product!

All I’m getting at…

If YOU are a Cannabis consumer not arranged to grow your own, be mindful of where your weed is coming from and what’s being used to grow it!

Feel as strongly about the topic as I do?  Share your comments, below!

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