organic-cannabisAre you a fan of outdoor organic  or are you more of an indoor enthusiast?  In my opinion, both environments can one fierce plant!  To benefit fully from the awesomeness of growing your trees outdoors though, a little bit of time first in the indoor garden, is essential.

When planned and care for properly, outdoor Cannabis plants can quite literally grow to be trees!

On the flip, indoor growing generally produces a higher quality flower, or bud, in a much shorter time frame.

No need for expensive indoor growing equipment, lights, hydroponic supplies and such, when growing in the great outdoors.  Pick the perfect location, dig your hole, add your favorite starter mix, plant your new little babe in your chosen growing medium, water as needed and let Mother Nature work her course till the cold hard frost of fall arrives.  There is a bit more work involved, however that is not the topic of today.  By then, little seedlings from the spring have developed into budded out dank trees ready for trimming!

Indoor growers will argue that the better Buds can be found indoors, in hi-tech sterilized, manufactured environments.  In these type of growing environments, the environment, growing conditions, and most everything to do with the plant can been controlled. A draw back to this side of cultivation is that unless organic growing techniques are as well followed, health risks can come into question.

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

For a plant to grow well indoors, even under high quality grow lights, it requires essential nutrients that can either be supplied to the plant by way of organic, or chemical substance.  The cultivation industry has evolved to such a point that there are incredible Nutrients available today, promising everything from the biggest, to the densest, to the most crystalized Buds you have EVER grown. 

I wonder how many growers think about what these chemicals may do to the end user in the long run, I doubt many of the smokers out there consider it either.  As an end user, do you ask where your came from?  Unless these nutrients are properly flushed from the plant, as far as I am concerned there is risk.

Specialized Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are a Must!

This is a large part of why I feel so strongly about the cultivation of this medicine, Cannabis, being left in the hands of the growers, the farmers, not some conglomerate of scientists, government officials, and the rich.  

This is why I feel that the idea of specialized dispensaries is so important for the safe distribution of cannabis, medicinal or not.  There is more to growing great weed than just science!

Whether growing Cannabis in a lock-tight controlled indoor environment, or in the natural elements of the nurturing outdoors, organic growing is the only way to go. 

I will firmly stand by my belief that when possible outdoor IS the way to grow!  Let us hope that the patients and cannabis users in Canada get a chance to decide. 

Read more about the legalization of Cannabis in Canada HERE!

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