medical marijuana strainsThose new to the world of medical marijuana might be surprised by how many different weed strains really exist. 

From Sativas and Indicas, to hybrid variations, with names such as Purple Kush, Northern Lights, Blueberry, Big Bud and Diesel, the Cannabis stains available to patients today are pretty incredible, to say the least!

It is essential that medical marijuana patients receive the correct medicine!

With the many different types of weed available today, it is even more important that patients educate themselves as to the effects and potency of the different Cannabis strains to ensure they get the most out of their chosen medicine!

In the following collection of weblinks, I have gathered a few of the most visited Cannabis strain libraries online.  In these links, you can learn more about all the many different types of Weed there really is.  (I would love to tell you more here, however these sites have done such a fabulous job I could not possibly compete!)

Medical Marijuana Strain Libraries and References

How did ya do?  Did you find what you were looking for?

What’s your favorite strain of weed, anyway?

Share your story in the comments below, tell us which strain you most prefer and why!

“… In my own experience and opinion, Cannabis alongside an otherwise relatively healthy lifestyle and kitchen, has assisted in keeping me healthy.  I cannot remember the last time I had, for instance, a headache, a body ache of any sort or even a cold.

All these prescription medications that many people fill themselves with today, whether prescribed by a doctor or not, scare me… Just my opinion.  When possible, I would much rather combat an illness by all natural forces than some scary synthetic soup compressed into some little white pill…”

Let’s be real about medical marijuana anxiety in Canada! – Mysterious Marijuana

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