medical cannabisThis medical and recreational Cannabis fiasco in Canada has to be dealt with.

Whether Cannabis is recognized as legal or not, this plant will continue to grow, be consumed and enjoyed as it has been for centuries!

It will continue to be used as a medicine, it will continue to be grown by outlaw gardeners around the world.

It will continue to be enjoyed illegally by millions of people, until the day this silliness ends!  Why do our governments choose to spend even another Penny fighting it?

Marijuana Legalization

These people, they have lost their patience.  These people are tired of hearing the political agendas, the fables, the false promises!  For decades, Canadians have been fed promises of legalization and decriminalization of Cannabis.  These people don’t care about treaties that were drafted almost as long ago as the Prohibition Act.  They don’t care about government red tape.

What they do care about, Cannabis makes them feel better!

As some might enjoy wine to relax, or a six pack of beer, take physician prescribed pharmaceuticals or over the counter medication to make them feel better, these people choose to enjoy this natural alternative, Cannabis!

Marijuana Laws in Canada

So, what about those up there on the fence, or those locked away in a jail cell just waiting to see how this all unfolds for medicinal and recreational Cannabis users in Canada?

Others… We watch, we wonder, eagerly awaiting the day Canada comes to it’s senses and ends this mystifying prohibition of Cannabis!

We are generally healthy creatures.  We don’t fit into the stringent criteria for a medicinal user license… But, we do love our Weed!

We hail from a variety of occupations, professions, lifestyles, age groups, cultures, even religions.

Cannabis, it does not discriminate.

The Effects of Medical Cannabis

We use it to relax, we use it to ease aches and pains, we use it to ease a troubled mind.  We each have own reason for choosing this substance as our choice of medicine.

And really, should we not each have a right to grow, smoke or eat any damn plant we want?

We have had enough of this bullshit war on Pot and sadly, we lost faith long ago in the prohibition of Cannabis in Canada ending anytime soon!

We are not criminals!  We like to smoke the occasional dube, take the odd bong rip here and there, maybe enjoy the occasional Bud Brownie… Definitely, not criminals though!

A Big ‘Canna’ Disappointment, That’s What It Is!

To see the States working to legalize recreational Cannabis use before Canada, that’s pretty disturbing!  What is more disturbing, is that (even after witnessing the success being had in the States) Canada has not yet smartened up!

This thing with Cannabis in Canada, it’s a mess!

I understand there are reasons Canada has not yet moved forward with the legalization/ decriminalization of Cannabis, ‘come on Canada, the time has come to Cannabis Up”!

A revolution is upon us, it is time to get up into the saddle, get on that horse and grab the reins!

What are your thoughts?  I’ve vented, now it’s your turn!

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“What if we just promise not to inhale? Would that be okay?” @Merry_Cannabis