Edibles, weed recipes and cooking with Cannabis is by no means a new idea in the kitchen. This medicinal plant has been surely used by cooks and culinary chefs for… well, ages!

Medicinal Cannabis EdiblesWhen I was first inducted into the “cannabis culture”, all anyone was really to concerned with was whipping up a good batch of Pot Brownies, or a tray of ooey-gooey cannabis laden chocolate chip cookies!


The culinary side of Cannabis, as it is today, was only in the experimental phase then. It was when a lot of these guys and gals now rocking the culinary cannabis community were still sitting around with their buddies, smoking fatties, dreaming up all the cool food that would be so much better ‘on weed’!

Today, Medicinal Cannabis is cooked in just about anything… From breakfast, to lunch, dinner and, of course, we could not forget dessert.

Edibles: Cooking with Cannabis!

For the medical marijuana patient, edibles are often the only option. For others, they simply enjoy the incredible body high that comes from enjoying Cannabis in it’s edible form.

Lip licking Medicinal Cannabis Edibles – Dessert Recipes

What is your favorite food to enjoy Cannabis with?  Share below!  I have to admit, I stick to the chocolatey goodness of cannabis edibles. Give me a chocolate chip cookie, or chunk of Bud-filled Brownie and I’m set!

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By jeffreyw – originally posted to Flickr as brownies…yawn…boooring, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10254435