There are just so many variables when it comes to the process of legalizing pot, I get it, I understand.

medical cannabisIf the governments of North America are going to require there be licensed, Government regulated stores where marijuana will be distributed, they better man-power up and find themselves as many of the most knowledgeable Cannabis Rock Stars they can find to safely distribute it!

With all this talk lately about whether the government Liquor Stores would be the best place to sell legal Marijuana, I just can’t picture it… Can you?

Here we have the local government controlled Liquor Store.  The walls and racks of wine bottles, the shelves of liquor, over there the pallets filled with beer cases, ciders and mixers… And then, Oh Look… What do we have over here, the Cannabis section!  Really, though… This whole liquor store idea, I just don’t think it would fly with the a good chunk of people, sadly. Society has not quite yet gotten over the many stereotypes that have built up around this poor plant over the last several decades.

How I could see this all turning out is by Cannabis being treated just like beer, wine and hard liquor.

Just like the farmer growing Hops or Barley, or the Vintner growing vines draped with grapes.  Each is derived from a plant… Each plant grown from the ground, just like the other.  As far as I am concerned – I have seen and known, alcohol to do far worse damage than a Joint, just saying.

Instead of measuring Alcohol Content, label the strains by THC Content. Let the little guy grow for himself (or herself), the business apply for realistic licences to grow and sell legal marijuana.  Set a legal age limit and use, set parameters of public use, allow it to be sold in Liquor Stores if that is what the public wants.

Why not consider being satisfied with the millions of tax dollars the Government would likely see in even the first year of legalizing marijuana use?

By simply legalizing all use of the plant and regulating the market, just as they do with say, Hops (a relation of Cannabis, did know?), I believe the rewards would be well worth the effort!

Millions, I say!  If marijuana use is legalized in Canada (for both medicinal and personal use) the Government would seriously rake in millions!  First, there would be the licensing fees, then all the Sale Tax for the supplies to grow the pounds upon pounds of weed that will be needed to fill the demand.  Then of course we have the utility bills that will be billed to grow all this weed, and oh ya, more taxes.

Then… Once the weed has been tested by some government facility (charging some ridiculous fee for their services, that without, the weed cannot legally be sold) it is shipped off to wherever the Government will allow it to be sold, but before that did I mention it’s taxed again.  Then throughout the whole process people have to be paid to make this all happen.  Payroll, Income Tax, GST, CPP.  Work.  People, with money again in their bank accounts, bills paid, food in the fridge, with clean, safe and secure employment.

I’m serious, I’m talking MILLIONS of dollars!  Just look at the world wide recognition the Canadian wine industry has built for itself in recent years.  Canada has had this a similar reputation for world class bud, for if not longer!

I don’t know about you…  To me, this pretty much sounds like a no brainer!

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