Marijuana LegalizationMost Cannabis cultured Canadians have been eagerly awaiting more details from our new Prime Minister regarding his promises to legalize Cannabis use in Canada is 2016. Only a month into the year and this promise is quickly beginning to morph into nothing more than a political ploy.

The whole topic began to bum me out after hearing there is no way the Canadian Government can legalize Cannabis without breaking several Treaties Canada has signed with other countries.

Would it not have been a wise idea to figure this out BEFORE announcing to the entire country and world it is one of your main political platforms?

I am trying to not be overly pessimistic, however I really do not foresee the legalization or decriminalization of weed for Canadians happening this year… What about you?

I have always been curious as to what event or action really triggered the criminalization of Cannabis and inclusion in the mass prohibition that occurred across Canada and North America in the early 1900’s. Sure, there are the common sense reasons… But, I always believed that it simply came down to a group of people with their noses outta’ joint about Pot (somewhat like today). They didn’t like Cannabis for whatever their reasons and decided it would be in the future best interest of the country, let alone the continent, to strike it as Evil.

You may already know, that is pretty much exactly what happened back in the 1920’s… According to a well cited Wiki File I came across recently all about the history of Cannabis, it was 1923 when Cannabis was first “…added to the Confidential Restricted List… under the Narcotics Drug Act…”. Further into the file, it goes on to explain that this historical event occurred primarily because a small group of people with political and social influence in Canada decided it should be and sentenced Cannabis and Hemp to nearly 100 years of political torture.

So, my question…

When it sounds like it was soooo easy to prohibit Cannabis and Hemp in Canada, tell me… why it is sooooo difficult to legalize it now?

I realize that since then, the Government, our laws, global relationships and such have become much more complex than a handful of people sitting around a table late at night deciding upon the fate of our Country and it’s people.

What I do not understand is, how it cannot be clearly seen that just the Plant itself (stoner qualities aside) could quite possibly be what saves this planet and humanity as we know it, from permanent extinction!

Be it the many environmental benefits that come along with growing Hemp and Cannabis or the nutrition value found in Hemp Seeds, the medicinal qualities of smoking or eating Cannabis, to the many, many products that Hemp based products do and could replace, it REALLY makes no sense to me why the hands and minds controlling our future on this planet cannot see the ‘real green’ through the trees!

This plant is a gift, a medicine, a solution… Cannabis and Hemp is the cure, not a poison!

~ Merry Cannabis

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