How to Germinate Weed Seeds

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How DO you germinate a seed?

What makes a seed grow? Soil, water and sunshine... Simple, right? 

germinate seeds

Yes, but No.

If you are out to ensure max germination rates, as most cannabis growers are...

The process of seed germination is slightly more complex than simply dropping a seed in the garden.

If you were planning on going the 'straight to the garden' route and want to learn more about germinating and transplanting cannabis seeds, shared below is a sort of Beginner's Guide to getting a jump on germinating your first crop.

1.  Choose your Cannabis Seeds wisely!

Pick out the strongest and prettiest looking, that's my philosophy!  If you are unsure whether or not your seeds are female, well you are just gonna have to take your chances and wait till they grow up to find out!

Once you have chosen the cannabis seeds you want to germinate, give each a little squeeze test (gently between two fingers) to ensure the seed is not just an empty seed coat.

When selecting your seeds, keep in mind, the different strains of Cannabis can grow quite differently from each other.  If you are purchasing Cannabis Seeds, do your research into the strain that best suits your purpose before planning your garden or pulling our your wallet.

A shaded window sill, on top of the fridge, a counter, are all places that will work

You will need:

  • A small dish with at least an inch lip (that will hold water) or clear Plastic Container and Lid
  • A Few Pieces of Paper Towel
  • Plastic Wrap!

2.  Find a clean, warm, safe place to germinate your new seeds!

 3. To help along the germination process...

Place a sheet or two of the Paper Towel in the dish and then soak with water.  Feel free to leave a trace of water in the bottom of the dish.

4. Place the seeds inside the fold of the paper towel and gently pat the paper down to hug the seeds.

5.  Almost done!  

The dish then needs to be covered with plastic wrap or a clear lid, anything that will hold in moisture.

6.  Place the dish in its new home...  And then you all you can really do is wait!

Your germinating seeds should be checked on regularly, at least a couple of times a day.

For the first day or two, make sure the towel and bottom of the tray are staying sufficiently watered.  Try not to flood the seeds, but make the paper towel stays thoroughly moist.

By the fourth or fifth day you may begin to see the seeds gently splitting and a vibrant white emerging from within.  If you don't see anything happening by Day 4 or 5, do not panic!  Some strains just take longer to sprout.

Between Day 8 and 14, most of the seeds should be fully sprouted, some maybe in need of or already have been transplanted to a soil pod. The seeds not yet sprouted by Day 14, may not.

7.  Once a healthy white baby Cannabis shoot has shown itself...

Your seed is ready for the dirt and will need to be transplanted to a tray filled with moistened germination medium or a peat pods, within a day or so.

8.  When transplanting the freshly germinated seeds to their new homes...

Place each seedling very carefully in its own pre-poked pen-sized hole about half and inch down in the growing medium.  Word of warning to those with big paws, you may want to find yourself a pair of tweezers before embarking on this feat.  Gently cover the freshly filled hole with the excess surrounding soil and dribble area with four to five drops of water.

9.  Now that your newly germinated seeds have been transplanted into their soil germination mix...

Expect to keep them safe and warm under suitable lighting, twenty-four hours per day for the next month or so.  Over this time period, the seeds will need to be kept in some sort of germination station to control the humidity and keep the moisture from escaping the environment surrounding your growing cannabis baby.

(If you are unsure which grow lights are best suited for germinating seeds, click here to view a recent post hosting several affordable options for grow lighting.)

Depending on the sophistication of your chosen germination process, the daily maintenance and care of your new plants will vary. 

Wondering what do next?

Tell me a bit about what growth stage your plants are at and ask me your questions, through the Comment Form below!

I will do my best to answer your questions and maybe, I'll even post about it!

Interesting in learning more about transplanting your freshly germinated baby cannabis clones and seedlings?

I will be chatting all about cloning, caring for your Veg Plants and the many other wondering aspects of as the year 'rolls' on.

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