For some, eating Cannabis edibles is the most effective treatment of their pains and ailments. For many, they simply prefer this healthier alternative for consuming it.

Medicinal Cannabis ediblesPeople have been using Cannabis and Hemp seeds for nutritional, medicinal and spiritual purposes for centuries.

Cannabis now has grown to such stature it is even being served in high-end restaurants, home kitchens around the globe and celebrated through many brilliant, well-designed cook books.

Whether it be a Cannabis infused cake, a batch of hot Canna chocolate chip cookies, a tray of ooey-gooey pot brownies or your Greens intermingled with tonight’s dinner, canna-connoisseurs and inspired chefs are finding new and crazy ways to cook up this Green every day!

By jeffreyw

In my personal experience… There is a drastic difference in the effects that Cannabis has on the system when eaten, opposed to being smoked. It is simply, a different kind of high

Interested in cooking up some of your own Cannabis edibles?

Here’s a few of the most popular Cannabis inspired cookbooks found at Amazon.

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