Plants, animals and Mother Nature’s many other creatures have always been a deep fascination of mine.

legalization of cannabisIt was nearly thirty years ago that I was first introduced to a ‘Pot Plant’…

“Watering the herb garden”, is what it was called.

From that day on, my interest and love for Cannabis has only grown!

It was my mid teens before I ever had a puff. Fifteen years later, I find myself sitting here laying out designs and writing cannabis content for a website promoting the legalization of the plant. Funny how life turns out sometimes, isn’t it?

Here’s a bit more about why I feel so strongly about legalization and ending the Prohibition of Pot…

First of all, bejeezus, it’s a just a plant people! In my opinion, cannabis is no different from all the other medicinal herbs that, at one point in time, were freely grown in medicinal gardens and even plantations across the globe.

Secondly, how can we outlaw the many therapeutic qualities of Kush (as one example) any longer?? Some people just prefer the natural elements of Cannabis to the many legally prescribed, pharmaceutical alternatives that exist and often overly prescribed today.

Ultimately, if you are an ADULT and you prefer to have a couple tokes at the end of the day or maybe a bite of your fave edible or god forbid, grow a couple plants out in the garden for your own personal consumption, you SHOULD be legally allowed to do so!

Just my opinion… Growing, admiring and consuming Cannabis is good for the soul!

~ Merry Cannabis


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