Happy New Year, from Mysterious Marijuana!

new year legalization
By Estormiz (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
So, how is your New Year’s evening going to be spent? In my home, it will be a pretty cozy, chill night. Girlie movies, munchies, one beautiful bottle of wine, and a great big bowl of Kush (the later being solely for me, of course). Pleasant and peaceful, if all goes as planned!

With 2016 now upon us, many Cannabis loving Canadians will begin to get very anxious about what Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Government are going to do with their plan to finally legalize the plant.

But really, what does this mean? What exactly will they be legalizing? Will this mean decriminalization, as well? Are we talking medical? Recreational?

I, personally, cannot wait till the day I can legally and freely grow gorgeous ganja in my own garden and then at the end of day, sit out on my patio and enjoy the beautiful buds I grew all by myself, free of the fear that my neighbor’s might rat me out!

Recently, I posted my thoughts on the possible ways in which I think Cannabis could feasibly be legalized. To have a peak at the post, please select the following link.

What do you think… Will Canada finally see weed legalized in 2016?

Cheers, to the legalization of Cannabis for Canada in 2016 and a new year full of awesomeness!

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable evening, how ever and wherever it turns out!

From Merry Cannabis


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