Why Canada has not taken a stance on the situation with cannabis dispensaries and medical marijuana yet is beeeeeyond me!

There is a successful model to follow, the industry is right there – growing in front of them, and the market… Well, we all know the market is there. So… What’s the delay?

Cannabis dispensaries appear and disappear in Canada almost with the season and only the strong revive.

Most are targeted my law enforcement, shut down by city councils and slandered by opposing locals.

Whoops, should I be calling these fine establishments Compassion Clubs??

Cannabis dispensaries… Compassion clubs, are the only way to go!

The whole idea is for patients to be provided with medicine, by a professional, in a safe, controlled and clean environment… That can then be regulated by the government, so they can collect the tax. If you ask me, isn’t the whole structure for legalization sitting right in front of us????

These shops or clubs provide that safe environment and staff who know which cannabis strains are best for which ailments.

Have you ventured into your local “Compassion Club” yet?

Looking to unwind after a long day, there plenty of strains for that. Pain that just won’t go away? They will find you the perfect one! Can’t sleep? There’s a whole bunch to punch through that insomnia too.

For medicinal users, and connoisseurs alike, having access to a variety of strains and not just one, is pretty awesome! Having educated and caring people there to guide you to that perfect strain, is even better.

Cannabis is a natural medicine, it must be handled and treated as such.

The best place for this to be done is in a cannabis dispensary or club.

Whether as a medicine, as nourishment, as cloth, or fuel… This plant is a gift here to heal, that is all!

Let it grow, let it flourish, let it be used, let it be enjoyed!

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