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Welcome to Mysterious Marijuana!

My name is Merry J. Cannabis and I write to you from a cozy corner of British Columbia, , commonly known for our killer ‘BC Bud’!

Yup, that is what I said… Marijuana, , bud, green… .

The mysteries and stigmas surrounding marijuana and its many viable uses, are countless.  For decades, this plant has been shunned from the garden, shuttered into an underground existence and persecuted for the natural and medicinal properties that it holds.

Instead of our governments spending the last forty years, or so, examining these properties, the time has been spent fighting the plant’s each and every use! 

The time has arrived for the prohibition of cannabis, in Canada, to end.

After the decades of years and millions of tax dollars spent fighting the use of this PLANT, to watch the U.S. working to successfully regulate their new and booming bud market, does it not kinda make sense to gingerly follow suit with the our southerly State neighbors?  Layout a structure to regulate the market, start putting money back in the kitty and maybe even back into the taxpayer’s pocket.

In the following pages and posts, I aim to shed light, or at least opinions, on the mysteries, stigmas and stereotypes, that have bound this beautiful plant to this shady existence for far too long!

What to expect…

  • Weekly posts @ 4:20 pm, PST. (Winter 2016 Calender TBA!)
  • It’s gonna be ‘blunt’, often opinionated and all the time pro-cannabis!
  • Reliable cannabis information, facts, sources and news.
  • An honest point of view.


Notice to the Nay-Sayers:  Each and everyone one of us has, and is entitled to have, our own opinion. Many will agree with the thoughts and opinions to come and many will not. If you are one that does not, please be respectful to the writers… As we, as well, are each entitled to our own opinion!

Let’s open the conversation about cannabis!

~ Merry Cannabis


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